Sunday, September 18, 2011

the latest from Atticus Books

Lacey N. Dunham has joined Atticus Books, the red hot lover of Atticus Review, an on the prowl, or at least online, literary journal presently experiencing a lot of eyeball action (read "page views"). With reporters on the ground in an ever increasing number of nations and business concerns, The Less United States of Kudera was able to penetrate deep into the bandwidth for top-secret communiques, and extract this snippet from Atticus Publisher Dan Cafaro:

"Lacey is a former bookseller with Politics & Prose Bookstore & Coffeehouse in Washington, DC, and the editor of the online literary publication, THIS Literary Magazine. For Politics & Prose, Lacey performed an assortment of duties and was their go-to person for social media and online book groups. Lacey has written for Ploughshares, The Collagist, The Washington Spark, and The Feminist Review, among others, and is a columnist at the Used Furniture Review. She studied writing at Hollins University [in Virginia]."

Atticus also placed a rack of its titles at Novel Places in Clarksburg, Maryland, and rumor has it that the young pub might be the first press in history to offer a million-dollar book contract to an imaginary friend.

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