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Dr. Roslyn Fuller on adjuncts in academia

Roslyn Fuller's "Heartbreaking Stories from Academia: America's Universities Treat Most Faculty Like Peons and the Results Are Not Pretty" rose to the top of the AlterNet earlier today.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Fuller's article was picked up by SALON where it will be visible to millions of additional readers.

LATER BREAKING NEWS: Naked Capitalism also picked up Roslyn Fuller's article.

LATEST BREAKING NEWS: truthdig reprinted the article as well.

fiction from Alan Gerstle

from The Lay of the Land

"I watch CNN every night, but never afterward think much about anything I see--even the election, as stupid as it is. I've come to loathe most sports, which I used to love--a loss I attribute to having seen the same thing over and over again too many times. Only death-row stories and sumo wrestling (narrated in Japanese) will keep me at the TV longer than ten minutes. My bedside table, as I've said, has novels and biographies I've read thirty pages into but can't tell you much about."

~~ Frank Bascombe from Richard Ford's The Lay of the Land, p.250

a writer's question

In an interview worth reading, I appreciated this "writer's question" directed at Chelsea Martin.

Z: Writers are well known for mining art from personal tragedy, a process which Mickey deconstructs and pokes fun at with great success by listing titles for the narrator’s theoretical art installations (“Untitled #13 – Nostradamus predicted I would feel sad today and everyday hereafter” being a particular favorite of mine). In life there’s the kind of despair that can make it difficult to attribute meaning to anything, let alone commit words to paper. But there’s also a more functional, low-level depression or malaise during which I’d wager many writers perhaps function at their “best.” 

I think it’s a state you capture brilliantly in the book, as when you write: “When I had a job, I had to pretend to be happy for at least part of the day…But now I’m home almost all the time and, having exhausted many of my friends’ capacities for compassion, I am able to devote full days to …

CLH in Scotland