Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jack Kerouac was a student in my class

I dreamed Jack Kerouac was a student in my class. He was a prankster, a disruptive young man although in the dream he appeared about my age, an adult Kerouac, not the drunk, bloated one from his last years, but rather the nimble healthy one from his writing and "roading" days. In the dream, Jack stole my glasses and my "dumb" phone, two essential items for my classroom survival, and I was aware of this, and at one point I was chasing him around the desks. I was angry at Jack. I couldn't catch up, or I couldn't find him. I felt frustrated, overwhelmed by "students these days" or at least this one in particular. Toward the end of the dream, he returned the items and acted like it was all in good fun. No big deal to swipe Old Man Kudera's spectacles and run around the room. Anyway, I woke up before I could reprimand or report his shenanigans to campus authorities. Alas. In a way, it's an embarrassing dream, but nevertheless, I share it with you.

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