Monday, November 30, 2009

Joseph Epstein's "My Brother Eli"

Here's one worth reading:

I "googled" and found two different reviewers with a similar opinion of Joseph Epstein's "My Brother Eli." In reviewing Best American Stories 2007, one writer called it "by far the best [story] up to this point" (disclaimer: "this point" is the sixth story), and "It made me wish for a whole novel about these characters":

The other book blogger, over on, considered it one of "three stories that in this standout collection, IMHO really soared" (also referring to the 2007 collection):

Well, I'll spare you the "IMHO" and instead offer the uncompromising and ridiculous ego of the direct command: read it! As Rushdie once said of a Pynchon novel, "Gulp it down. It beats getting drunk." At least, that's what I remember reading on the back cover of the book.

Joe, if you're out there, we're gonna make you rich. Or drunk. Or read. Or something. . .

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