Sunday, June 21, 2009

Scrapple and Syrup

I honored my father's tastes today by preparing a delicacy he introduced to me many moons ago. It's best served in an aged, 6-bedroom University City house, and it helps if you are floating through the 1970s with the honorable sunbather Sam Q. Dog, tools for leather working, a dark room for photography, king-sized waterbed, a punished crayfish, and housemates including Haitian refugees and a stained-glass expert with a huge stack of early Marvel and DC comic books in well-read condition. (If you have all of those ingredients you don't need a lava lamp, but your knowledge of the zodiac could prove relevant.) Of course, if you are really in the mood for scrapple topped with maple syrup I recommend the Philadelphia brand I grew up with as opposed to the Neese's I settled for today in South Carolina.

Anyway, happy Father's Day, planet people!

Here is a poignant short piece that honors the author's father in a different way:

The author, Michael Antman, also has a novel published at


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