Monday, June 22, 2009

Kerouac in Manhattan and a bit more woody

Philly Book Geek and fledgling novelist Greg Ippolito blogs on Jack Kerouac's posthumous voice-over of Woody Allen's Manhattan:

Greg, your drawing my attention to it is appreciated.

As for Whatever Works, Woody Allen's new film, Larry David playing the neurotic protagonist has caught my attention. (For past Woody substitutes, I'd say Kenneth Branaugh in Celebrity outperforms Will Ferrell in Melinda and Melinda.) The New York Times considers the new film mediocre at best, and the customer reviews under the article are mixed (see; however, Time Magazine's review of Whatever Works is decidedly positive (,9171,1905522,00.html). I believe I read a longer version of the latter review in a print copy of the magazine.

I doubt Woody will be playing anytime soon in the Upstate, so send me an email if you catch the new one in northern territory.

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