Monday, May 12, 2008

Kudera denounces third person!

I, Alexander Kudera, have grown weary with terming myself "Kudera" on my online blog. It is pretentious, indeed, it is petty.

From now on, allow me to proceed with a humbler designation, a "I"--no, not an "i"--but a big me, all grown up and prepared to stand for the subject!

Anyway, 24 hours after my first post, I can say my world has hardly changed. I am still typing in my Apple IIc Appleworks compatible word processed document into a Microsoft Word file. It has been a surprise that we've typed over 300 pages in 9 days, and it appears like we will be finished before 2 weeks. The past 10 years I've stared at the 504 pp. and wondered how I would ever transform it into computer files compatible with the world's current software.

So perhaps this could be a reason for optimism? All of you out there in cyberland, who long to edit those old Apple II, Commodore 64 and Atari poems and prose and stories and novels... it is not so bad to type the thing in by hand! In fact, it is fun to do it on one's own because typing in the original document leads one to edit.

So this is the revolution I will lead! All of us with old novels word processed on old, incompatible software--together, we will drive the American economy into the future! No more dependence on guns and butter! Old novels will become the barter and pay for 21st century America...

...well, we'll see.

Good night.


1 comment:

Eleanor said...

Hey Alex,

I need your help with a writing project. I'm not kidding! Although I thought it might be in third person.

Obviously, I won't put my email here, so just contact me through my mom. She's listed.

Christine K

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