Sunday, March 1, 2009

Contributor to Scott Stein's

Kudera here. Back for more. For those in need of Kudera online, good news! I am going to blog twice a week at The United States of Kudera, and I will be contributing writing at least twice a month to Scott Stein's (a journal of american culture or the lack thereof).

For, I will write satire of personal finance, including "how (not) to," book reviews, and short fiction. The site seems to have a wide range of writers from the famous in Philly (Clark Deleon) to the well respected in academia to the published novelist (Michael Antman and Scott Stein among others) to the obscure but talented.

For either this blog or my writing at, you are welcome to try the "Correct Kudera" feature. Indeed, you can criticize, edit, spellcheck, applaud, or add a coda to any Kudera writing. Please email me at

Further, if you are an agent, editor, or conscientious reader who would enjoy being included in a published novel's acknowledgements, please let Kudera know at Kudera plans to wade into the murky waters of self-publication by the end of this coming summer if no book deals miraculously appear. On this note, he is considering to create the entire book himself, and he would certainly enjoy your feedback on this book creator/publisher or another. Any help is appreciated.

Good luck with your own ventures in this tumultuous 2009.



1 comment:

maryann said...

Alex, I'm so glad you hear you're thinking about self-publishing, and congrats on the new gig on whenfallsthecolliseum.

Kudos, Kudera!

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