Sunday, May 11, 2008

teaching and publishing online this summer

Kudera will be teaching and publishing online this summer. Please google or yahoo Kudera frequently to ask him how this is going. He is already feeling virtually virtual if not downright vituperative, but he feels strongly if he can only manage to drag himself away from the screen these symptoms might abate. Lie down, sip hot water with lemon, avoid overdosing on too many novels written by those evil other people--yes, all the others who have shoved books in his nose by offering them at full retail and sale pricing in brick-n-mortar and online stores alike.


But for now, at the beginning of summer--er, well, 6 weeks away to be sure--Kudera is only in a planning and plotting stage.

So be warned! If you are student to Kudera, these posts are for your enjoyment and education!

If you are friend to Kudera, then Kudera friends you back.

If you have strong feelings of aversion to Kudera, then away with thee! I bid you a fond farewell and safe passage.

More Kudera coming soon to a theatre near you.


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