Sunday, January 11, 2015

jose kozer

Daniel Dragomirescu of Contemporary Literary Horizon sent me this poem:


My father, who is still alive,

I don’t see him, and I know he has shrunk,

he has a family of brothers burned to ashes
            in Poland,

he never saw them, he learned of the death of
           his mother by telegram,

he didn’t inherit even a single button from his father,

what do I know if he inherited his character.

My father, who was a tailor and a Communist,

my father who didn’t speak and sat on the

to not believe in God,

to not want anything more to do with men,

sullenly withdrawing into himself against Hitler, against Stalin,

my father who once a year would raise a glass
              of whisky,

my father sitting in a neighbour’s apple
              tree eating its

the day the Reds entered his village

and made my grandfather dance like a
           bear on the Sabbath,

and made him light a cigarette and smoke it
          on a Sabbath,

and my father left the village for ever,

went away for ever muttering his anger against
         the October revolution,

for ever hammering home that Trotsky was a
         dreamer and Beria a criminal,

abominating books he sat down on the
            terrace a tiny speck of a man,

and told me that the dreams of men are
           nothing more than a
           false literature,

that the history books lie because paper
         can take anything.

My father who was a tailor and a Communist.

*When I followed the Jose Kozer link above, I noticed that he is the age my father would be (b. 1940), and both had immigrant parents from Czechoslovakia.

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Daniel Dragomirescu said...

Congratulatrions, dear Alex Kudera! You have re-published here a very special and a very important poet from Spannish and English langauge here. Don Jose Kozer is our brother in creation, in interculturality, in a deep comprehension of dramatic condition of the humankind in our contradictory times! Long life to his poetry!

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