Saturday, December 14, 2013

American inheritance

From the comments after this CNN article, I learned that the $177,000 is a median, not a mean, for inheritance to be divided among all due to inherit, but that only 50% of Americans expect to give anything at all. So I guess that would mean the person straddling the line between the top two quarters is the one able to pass on 177K. It's not quite a 1% versus 99%, no, but I can't prove we aren't heading in that direction.

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Joe Johaneman said...

Actually, you couldn't prove it, but you could demonstrate it. If you had the same data over the past five or six decades, you could map out the changes and then make predictions based on the trends.

Also: 50% of people intend to pass on something? I would have thought the number would have been much lower than that.

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