Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28 (Meg Pokrass's impending fame)

The Less United States of Kudera is not doing nearly enough to advocate for Meg Pokrass, and all the Meg Pokrasses of the world, who could be delivering to us juicy, tell-all memoirs of their moderately famous authority figures, bosses in particular, with just a pinch of fiction to make it even more enticing and fun. Of course, instead, Meg chooses the high road and posts only about all things evangelical and Romnified as well as word lists we are to use to impress our own minions. Our peeps, as it were, or perhaps the Gud Christian youts we have opportunity to speechify in front of.

Here she is on full display:

And then here she is moving up in the world:

But for the most part, she tends to her own flock and generously gives back to the literary community by interviewing and being interviewed by various folks writing in the current moment. Writing now, as it were. What I should be doing as I'm almost certain that blogging doesn't count. Or maybe it does? I don't know. I never receive lashes.

And now it's time to buy  Meg's microfiction!

But the amazon link is just so you can see the glowing reviews; if this is one you might like, then please do buy local from your favorite indy store. (Fight for Your Long Day, of course, should only be purchased as the lowest "like new" copy available everywhere Jeff Bezos is selling us vacuum cleaners.)

Leave me alone. Please?

Okay, but not before I provide this sneak preview of what we've all been reading about.

Damn Sure Right!


meg pokrass said...

Hey, they are selling "Damn Sure Right" at City Lights Bookstore and Green Apple Books in SF too, Brother Alex! Did you not make merry mentions of these venues? It is time to clean up our acts!

meg pokrass said...

you are most kind sir, and I thank you mightily.

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