Friday, April 22, 2011

submitting to mixed media

Here's a nifty new location for all of your mixed-media needs as well as an invitation to submit your own work:!/notes/matt-mullins/call-for-submissions-of-electronic-literature/2011294479678

Note: to the best of my knowledge, i do not mix media when i write, and i certainly don't film it or call my films "writing" or film myself writing, and i only daydream about the movies a little bit during the course of my normal daydreams during fits of writing; furthermore, i do not necessarily condone the people or the work associated with this whole "mixed media" business, but that should not be understood to mean that i fail to castigate them either.

But as the "blind guy" in Carver's "Cathedral"  put it, "When I drink whiskey . . . "

2nd note: And don't expect anything that shows up at Atticus Review to possess even half the genius of Fight for Your Long Day!




I've been hit. I'm down.

(No, it's not too bad. It'll be okay. I'll be alright, folks.)

Have a good friday and an even better saturday, but please take it easy on the you-know-what on sunday.


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