Saturday, September 4, 2010

yiyi wants to "read jesus"

So in the annals of disorganized but functional parenting, I'm sure this would not come as the most shocking revelation, so to speak. But for the sake of full blogging disclosure, it should be noted that Yiyi has been on a Jesus kick for the last couple weeks. In the past three days alone, I think we've read the Jesus Blesses the Children picture book ten times. I suppose that's less of a fire hazzard than lighting Channukah candles, but I don't think I'll mind too much when she loses interest. For Yiyi, it's probably just another twist to her occasionally eccentric but mostly common South Carolina childhood. The key here will ultimately be for me to appear as boring as possible so that in her adults years, she'll never once think of writing a memoir about her father.

Well, in closing, I must say that Jesus in the picture book sounds like one of heck of a caring, sensitive guy. Inspiring!

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