Thursday, August 5, 2010

part 2 and public relations

Dan the Publisher delivers and edits me down to "instructor" as per my request although we are still shamelessly exploiting the international busboy angle in order to sell novels.

Check out part 2 of the Interview with Instructor Kudera at Atticus Books.

In other news, as I understand it, the woman who writes this blog is now in charge of PR for Discount Duffy's one-stop shop for book product. She looks like one of those bright, sassy, high-energy types; no doubt, she's the perfect complement to the kind of person who could imagine and describe a Cyrus Duffleman.

I wouldn't say I'm scared shitless exactly, but I would confess to mild apprehension. I hope they don't find me mumbling my talking points at a poster of Bill O'Reilly in some dank, dark corner of the Fox News tunnels. I guess I have to figure out what my talking points would be. Should anyone care to email or call...


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