Sunday, August 8, 2010

less is more

Yes, Lish, Carver, et al were onto something in this regard although it's the possessions game we're talking about here.

(But why shouldn't we use the royal "we" when referencing the NYTimes? They speak for all of us, right?)

The writers rightly point out that increasing our material stuff--i.e., our crap--does not make us happier, but in fact downsizing, reducing expenditures, and throwing shit out, so to speak, may.

Can I get an amen?

I do remember letting go of all kinds of things led to some of my best feelings--a freeing sensation not so often experienced outside the bathroom stall. Even now, I wish I could summon the time and energy to rid my current environs of all manner of worthless goods; old papers and old clothes immediately come to mind. But what I really yearn to free myself from is that storage space in North Philadelphia. One summer, finally, I will find time to visit Philly with purpose! No friendly visits to folks until I've trashed most of the contents, stuffed the stuff worth saving in my automobile, and formally ended by leasing agreement.

And then I'll feel free. Until I start buying. . .

Ah, you spartan livers enjoying your studio and efficiency apartments. Those of us hobbled with extra rooms full of extra stuff must look at you for guidance!

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