Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Seder Party People!

I hope those of you celebrating Passover enjoy a delectable meal as well as the bitter root; if you're vegan' it, chow some eggplant for yours truly, and if you plan to thump bible (down with the OT?) or discuss Israel's position in the world, enjoy that too. As every discursive Jew should know, there's nothing wrong with a little debate at the dinner table.

In honor of my Sederless South Carolina existence, I wanted to note a famous Hollywood omission of the Passover scene. The movie version of The Wonder Boys omits the long seder scene that fans of Michael Chabon's original novel no doubt enjoyed. In honor of old Chabonet, I bought a remaindered copy of The Yiddish Policemen's Union for half off a $6.98 sticker price. In the moment, I was not connecting the purchase in anyway to Passover, but I look forward to learn how the Jews of Alaska would have celebrated. I stand in solidarity with Michael Douglas and all other x-husbands denied a seder in the movie version of their fictional lives.

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