Friday, July 27, 2018

We interrupt this literature for memories of Don "Sauce" Cain

Only a few days ago, Ultimate college champion, Maximum Time Aloft record-holder, and all-around great guy Donald "Sauce" Cain passed on too young at age 62. Here's a ten-minute clip of Don talking about his Ultimate Frisbee past, including a detailed account of his world-setting MTA throw. On Facebook, I'd reminisced earlier:

I've barely touched a disc in over ten years, but early in this decade, I ran into Sauce, out of the blue, in a restaurant on Folly Beach or another beach near Charleston in South Carolina. That was great. . . [to see] a friendly face 500 miles from Edgely Field. Another fun memory I have is getting destroyed by this "It's a Nimeo" team when I was in college. We were playing in a club tournament, and a "Nimeo" was when a hammer or blade went right over our heads; this was years before those were more common throws. It wasn't until years after college, talking with Don fifteen years later at Edgely that we figured out he must have been on that team. 62 is too young. R.I.P.

PADA has an obituary, and Facebook also has wonderful memories on Don's wall as well as classic photographs from his early teammate and local legend Chris O'Connor.

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