Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Books from David Ebenbach

Philadelphia's own David Ebenbach has published two new books this year. The Guy We Didn't Invite to the Orgy and Other Stories arrived in January, and Miss Portland, a Novel, arrived this week from Orison Books. Forward Reviews writes of Miss Portland:

A moving paean to becoming the place where you belong…..a complex, intimate, and deeply humane portrait of a person whose experience of the world is both alternate and poignantly familiar. Ebenbach captures a profound vulnerability in Zoe’s dichotomies. At the heart, Zoe wants to root and connect. While she grasps at straws with one hand, she offers whatever she’s managed to grasp with the other. Rather than discourage her, Zoe’s difference sharpens her conviction. Yet, as Zoe’s story unfolds, Ebenbach’s sensitive portrayal resists easy answers or convenient endings. Zoe’s quest for a happy ending may take her to Portland, Maine, but, ultimately, it leads her back to herself.

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