Sunday, August 16, 2015

#tbs: Rabbit Is 1979

In Rabbit Is Rich, John Updike wrote,

"Poor old Eagles out of their misery, Jaworski went down flinging" (498).

Rabbit Is Rich takes place in 1979 and includes quite a bit of Philadelphia, including a funny paragraph about suburban white folks getting lost in a part of West Philly near where I grew up. 

In my University City in 1979, I remember my father as in and out of work during the late seventies. Once we found five dollars near the corner of 44th or 45th and Larchwood or Osage, and instantly, my father knew this could be gas money to get us to Hershey Park. I can't remember if he held a job at the time. If you're here now, you've probably seen my earlier reports about searching for an affordable Christmas tree. I have hundreds of pages written about my father, most of it written as rough draft in 2002, about a year after he passed, and I hope to get more of it into print.

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