Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fight for Your Long Day: Classroom Edition

Hi Folks,

We're in the early stages of preparing a Classroom Edition of Fight for Your Long Day. It will be published by Hard Ball Press and will include the full text of the novel and additional essays on higher-education and contract-worker issues. It will also include author and other adjunct interviews as well as an extended listing of texts for additional reading. Feel free to share or please comment here, e-mail, tweet, or message me (I do check my "Other" folder at Facebook) if you have writing you'd like to offer or suggest for inclusion. Limited funds are available to pay for reprints or new material. Included articles will address rising student debt, adjunct narratives, labor organizing (pros and cons), impact of pay-per-course contracts on teaching, the denigration of literature or the humanities in general, and more. I'm also interested in adding an essay that considers, as the novel does, the relationship between American contract work and the more global, transnational struggle of workers, with particular interest in educational and literary workers such as teachers, translators, reviewers, etc.

I'll edit this post as necessary.

Best of luck this fall.

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