Sunday, March 3, 2013

bargain or betrayal?

I couldn't help but notice that President Obama's new "signaling" that he is prepared to discuss cuts to the social safety net, and such programs as social security and medicaid, is exactly what Bill Black has been terming the administration's marketed Grand Bargain which in essence is a Great Betrayal for the vast majority of Americans.

Black, and many others, suggest that both parties are responsible, perhaps equally, for the Sequester and its impending "austerity" that will indeed hurt the less fortunate much more than the "haves." It's all very reminscent of President Clinton's "successful" reform, termed Welfare-to-Work, but I wouldn't want President Bush's No Child Left Behind to feel neglected here. I suppose it's just crazy fun that all these nifty new programs appear effective when the economy is on the rise or on the mend.

Alas, unlike Clinton's boom years and even Bush's housing bubble "good times," this "recovery," is a recovery of corporate profits and not one that is producing jobs that real living "regular" Americans can or will do. As everyone has noted, though, we are producing drones, food stamps, and the novelty of concurrent rising student-debt default rates and relief programs. Hey, we may not have the cure for all the debt burdens plaguing the median American, but at least we can rest easy knowing that President Obama has chosen a budget specialist straight out of Made-in-the-USA Wal-Mart to help heal our national wounds.

But what else is new?

Health coverage, or so we can hope.

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