Thursday, October 4, 2012


i've decided to add some austerity to my own life. although i have not yet determined exactly how this will be done, i'm leaning more toward cutting back on capitalization as opposed to reducing the ice-cream intake. the ice-cream intake is nothing to be proud of, but i just don't feel it right or proper to radically alter my diet in these troubling times. someone's got to keep the cows and scoopers employed, and i'm not sure i could handle the stress of significant change. status quo has gotten me this far, and i do often at least try to walk it off in the evenings.

in other news, i've found a little local charity i'm jonesin' to contribute to. contribute 44 meals for $11. yeah, sounds too good to be true, and we can be certain they won't be eating the same ice cream i'm eating, but all the same, i liked the little note and the small envelope, and i think i'll write that $11 check right now. of course, i haven't yet sent Oxfam anything even though i added the donate link to my blog. i'm tired and overworked, so give me a week on the $11, too.

like a lot of folks, i'm feeling a little weirded out by the debate last night, and i guess we'll see where it all leads. a lot more job growth and stock-market gains under dem presidents, and yet you never would have known it if you only tuned in last night.

and since this is a more personal note, i should add that they've graciously added proper cement sidewalks to parts of our neighborhood. it makes a difference.

okay, thanks for listening.

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