Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Psychology Today

Dr. Susan K. Perry at Psychology Today was kind enough to grant me this interview, and while I didn't have opportunity to explore all of my doubts and inadequacies, I did get that cathartic feeling when I sent my responses back. She's an accomplished writer currently shopping her own quirky novel. Also, the writer Michael Leone reviewed Fight for Your Long Day at When Falls the Coliseum. Thank you, both!

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JRSM said...

I just read FFYLD, and loved it. Though now I am severely depressed, I am at least glad to be living in Australia, where the free market hasn't yet completely destroyed everything. This may seem an odd question, but why were some real-world names changed (Reagan, Bush, Fante, etc) and some not (Clinton, Exley, Nixon, etc)? I'be neen trying to puzzle out some sort of criteria that successfully divided the changed and the unchanged, and cannot figure it out. Anyway, great book! I'll be downloading the novella tonight.

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