Wednesday, February 16, 2011

thanks, ben

When Ben Tanzer changes your book's shelf life, he doesn't [redacted] around. Thanks, Ben, for the rich review and positive energy all around.

And the man is selling (at least) two of his own books this year, with orders already possible for this April release.

OK. In no particular order (so let's make it alphabetical), a list of my favorite novelists with whom I've crossed Ultimate paths:

Abeer Hoque
David Hollander
Kate Ledger
Ben Tanzer

Well, truth be told, I've only read slight sections from their books, but intend to improve upon that. Once in a while, I get a strange vision that it would be possible to jog and then run and then play Ultimate again. Hmmm. I ought to go get some ice cream and think this over.

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