Friday, February 4, 2011

Gone Dog Press

Gone Dog Press, a publisher of "awesome e-books," delivers The Betrayal of Times of Peace and Prosperity on Superbowl Sunday. This longish story, or shortish novella, has something for everyone--from fatty meat frying in the wok to inadvertent touches that can end a life. It's of a genre that could be termed "college commencement angst" although I'm having trouble thinking of a story or novel that would compare.

The book will be available at as well as, and eventually it should be compatible with all kinds of electronic book reading devices. At smashwords, you'll be able to read it right off the screen or download it as a printable pdf. Or so I'm told by the e-authorities from the land on book.

So you should be able to download a copy for a buck forty-nine or so. . . graduation angst at bargain-basement pricing!

Happy reading.


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