Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Itasca Books in St. Paul, Minnesota

I'm a bit worried about Duffy's toes growing pink and numb at such a Northern storage facility and distribution center, but they sound like a nice operation. I believe they are somehow involved in shipping Greywolf and UMinnesota Press product as well.

Well, Duffy has exposure at amazon, barnes and noble, ingram (according to an email I was forwarded); he does indeed feel like a legitimate paper product packaged as a novel and intent on blowing your entire worldview to the Southern hemisphere and back because the laughs are so long and the writing so fucking good. At least in a few paragraphs.

Here is the most direct route to Duffleman as of September 1, 2010:

Feel free to spread the URL if it's tax-free in your state. And, of course, until next time, Fight for Your Long Day!

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