Friday, September 17, 2010

eagleton on judt and nussbaum

Terry Eagleton has a fun book review in the October 2010 print Harper's Magazine. Nothing to do with Judaism; a lot to do with education and the humanities and the current vast economic inequalities of the U.S. and Great Britain. Eagleton ends one paragraph thusly:
"Then again, I am the brainwashed product of a communistic state: my own education at Cambridge University was entirely free of charge, though it would not be so today."

In fact, Eagleton is teaching at Notre Dame these days; there's no word on whether or not he has mingled with sports agents or accepted cash from literary alums.

He does do a quick and easy hatchet job on both writers, but Nussbaum gets it worse than Judt. But nothing on their ties to sports betting or University of Chicago's plan to eliminate doctoral work in the humanities in order to fund a new Division One football team while NYU brings exorbitant tuition to thirty-seven cities in the next five years. Maybe the numbers are off here. . . search for their plans in

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