Monday, August 23, 2010

a little guy wins pulitzer

Publisher Dan Cafaro of Atticus Books gives us all reason to keep hope alive with this note, so I might as well post my two cents, thus jinxing any chance of winning anything at all. And of course, when I'm not in despair over all of my own problems, yours, and even those of the country, the world, and the rest of it, I've already had ridiculous visions of approaching the podium to accept the national book award. Once behind the lectern, I extend both arms high and wave the "Hook 'em Horns" U-Texas pinkies and thumbs as if I were attending a Guns 'n Roses concert as opposed to a prestigious literary event. I proceed to shout out cliches like "Never Surrender!" and "We must keep up the good fight" to a room full of accomplished, nearly dead writers who view the year's category winner with apprehension and are wondering when the lunatic on stage will quit sending shout outs to his peeps back in Philly.

I suppose that deep-immersion dreaming has always been one of my specialties. The most powerful dreams can be the life-changing ones, and perhaps most likely also about events and circumstances far out of reach. And it seems easier to have them when operating on low sleep levels, thus ensuring the mind can quickly escape the day's events. And why should I believe for an instant that anything I write could jinx (or affect) any event at all?

Remember to fight for your long dreams, too.

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Austin Eavesdropper said...

Alex, when you do win the award, I certainly appreciate the fact that you are remembering to wave the Hook 'Em Horns gesture that my city invented! This must be the reason Dan (wisely) sought an Austin publicist.

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