Friday, August 27, 2010

i suspect i am still available for sale

I still feel like a piece of meat available for sale--aye, a tired, sallow, fatty slab as opposed to prime hind quarter--but I am also experiencing a sense of Friday afternoon dislocation and fear of the marketplace (agoraphobia for "fear of" folks). Fight for Your Long Day makes an appearance on amazon but $10.08 on Barnes and Noble seems to be in the toilet. At least for now. My hunch is that most people would sooner look on amazon than B&N for online bookshopping, but as per usual, I cannot prove anything at all. Well, forgive me for once more adding a URL from a huge corporation which could probably and legally own all of our parts, kosher or no, with a sweeping signature from sixty fairly compensated senators.

And, yes, wake me up when September (and possibly most of October) ends.

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