Thursday, July 22, 2010

marcia trahan

Every now and then on facebook, freelance writer and editor Marcia Trahan posts an intriguing question that gets my response (along with lots of other writers among her thousands of facebook friends).

This time, she asked why we began blogging and what we feel we've gained from the experience.

I wrote:

it was required for an in-house course on teaching literature online. at the time, i entered a brief entry or two and then forgot about it until the economy fell off the cliff in Feb/March 2009 (this was maybe a year later). then it seemed like there was nothing to lose. now it's alternately addictive, another thing i forgot to do, too easy, too hard, too routine, and the "fake" writing that takes me away from the "real" writing. one thing i've enjoyed is feeling more connected to other bloggers. (the main reason i'm writing this is because i just enjoyed reading the above comments [from other bloggers].) i gravitate toward the quirkier ones and almost always find that other bloggers have cooler designs and better use/understanding of images... and i see a lot with much more and better writing too and then i feel slightly inferior. alas. maybe i'll copy this to my blog (

And then as you see, I did.

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