Monday, May 3, 2010

seen cyrus duffleman?

I was so busy in April that I failed to notice that my main character escaped from my novel, Fight for Your Long Day. On April 1, no joke, I told him he should sit and stay and self-promote as shamelessly as the rest of the Atticus staff (, but in fact, he has chosen a new direction.

And now I can't find him!

He won't friend me, but please do me a favor and see if he is open to your request. On, friend "Cyrus Duffleman," and if possible pass along the message that his author wants him back. Preferably at the same weight and medical history as when he ditched me five weeks ago.

The book is due out in September and still needs a good thrashing (final edits), so thanks in advance for anything you can do. I hope to avoid desperate measures although I am inquiring about the legality of civilian tasers and bear traps.

Alex Kudera

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