Tuesday, April 6, 2010

multilingual horizons

If you would like to support literature and translation in Romania or if you would like to read my first short story published in Europe (in both English and Romanian), please follow this link:


The biggyshor@gmail.com paypal does work, and I would email the editor Dr. Daniel at drgdaniel@yahoo.com if you use it. (He also considers submissions of poetry, art, and fiction.) It should bring you a Romanian literary journal with English and Romanian versions of all texts. In addition, there is a separate Spanish-Romanian insert as well as a couple pieces appearing in an original language other than Romanian or English as well as these two. Dr. Daniel Daniel, the journal's editor, is also involved with the new National Literature Museum in Romania, and Contemporary Horizon is a media partner of the University of Bucharest.

It's really quite groovy. Indeed.

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