Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lamont b. steptoe

If you find yourself yearning for some poetry and discussion from Lamont B. Steptoe, I discovered you can google "lamont steptoe" and get plenty of entries for this American Book Award winner. Here's a nifty interview from 2007.

Lamont currently keeps watch over what was the Southwestern edge of University City (until the realtors and migrants decided UC should extend to 52nd Street or so), and you can find him on the 34 line, the 42 bus, the walking path, bicycle, or by other means heading West after a day in center city.

Here is what amazon can offer if you'd like to read his poems.

I suspect that getting in touch with Lamont is the best way to access his most recent work. If you see Lamont in person, and are interested in travel narrative, I am certain he can deliver.

Stay warm.

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