Friday, October 16, 2009

USK going international

Hey bloggers!

Don't forget that a fun thing to do is to add a tool to your blog. This will enable you to find out where your readers live or at least where the companies that provide their internet are located. Scroll down to the bottom of the United States of Kudera (this blog) and click on the green You can click "World Map" to the left, adjust the number below the map to see the last 100 views, and learn that USK is being read (or at least glanced at) by folks as far apart as Eastern Europe and the West Coast of the United States. offers a few free lines of HTML code to help you get started. It's not too difficult, and they do provide clear instructions. A lot of what offers is free, but they also offer advanced features for various monthly charges. You can select a set up that ensures your viewership remains private; in other words, you will be able to see results but readers of your blog will not.

Have a good weekend!

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