Wednesday, October 28, 2009

save the trees?

This article from The New York Times describes how one literary journal is embracing "new media," "social media," and more or less whatever else you would like to term it. To the best of my knowledge, they are not burning books, not even to heat their marginal, "start up" offices, but, yes, why of course, they are "tweeting" stories directly to your iphone and giving you additional options for receiving your content. Er, your short story I meant. Check it out:

It looks like Rick Moody and Colson Whitehead are already in on the deal. More later on how plans to survive any future ice storm or hostile elevator environment. (Let me know if those literary allusions--read "bad puns"--are not so obscure for you.) Peace.

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I'm Naked said...

As a writer and teacher of the written word, what is your stance on the written medium catering to the 15 second intention span. Are we losing something in the collective not sitting down reading 4,5,600 page novels? And what is the place of lengthy tomes in a 24hr up-to-date data grabbing society due to blogs, Twitter, audio books etc..?

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