Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dan Fante and Iain Levison

Dan Fante and Iain Levison both have new books already here or coming soon. Fante's new novel, 86'd, was published on Monday, September 22, 2009, and Levison's novel, How to Rob an Armored Car is due out on October 1. Links to my brief interviews with both writers are found below:

These two URLs lead directly to the title on the virtual shelf of our commander-in-book:

As you know, you can buy books from sources other than, and it is probably a good idea to do so if you want those sources to continue to exist. Having added that bit of op-ed, I should also now admit that I am at least 30 miles from a brick-n-mortar store that might stock either title, and so I just purchased one of them from Jeff Bezos and his shareholders along with a first novel titled Remedies from Philadelphia's own Kate Ledger.

Happy literature.

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