Thursday, July 16, 2009

Family Vacation?

I'm not sure if Fox News plans to suspend this campground chatter once Republicans are back in power, but at least they have the story for now:

One scary aspect of this "news" is that the scenery is so beautiful, it makes American homelessness appear inviting. The father is clean-shaven, Caucasian, and clear in his understanding that what he needs is a job. A black man with a beard and bee-bopping manner of elocution would need the exact same things of course, but I can't help but think this particular homeless man was chosen with purpose. I am supposed to ignore race and hair and voice and believe that he was chosen at random for the interview from post-racial America.

My hunch is that before the interview, the TV people do not slop the foundation onto the chosen homeless sample, but I could be mistaken. The TV anchor reading the news appears to have met her base-level needs. She looks well fed in fact although I've heard TV will add 10 pounds to anyone.

So stay tuned for the bipartisan unity ticket of Liz Cheney/Sotomayor in 2016; their opponents will no doubt be Sarah Palin running stag and Hillary Clinton selecting Dennis Kucinich as a supporting mate. I look forward to Rush Limbaugh's self-imposed $10,000 fines for each time he mentions candidate weight issues on the radio. If we're lucky, he'll partner with the anonymous executives behind the sugar-cereal curtain to double the cash and the fun. If we're absurdly fortunate, Neil Bortz will promise his own diet while giving walking radio broadcasts from his childhood home in suburban Philadelphia all the way to San Francisco's Castro District whereupon things will get totally freaky in the spirit of national unity.

But back to reality, in other words back to the televised segment of Homeless America 2009, the man in the interview looked thin in an in-shape way. He is not overweight or obese as we are accustomed to seeing the homeless in our country, nor is he emaciated with a distended stomach as we are taught the homeless subsist overseas. He appears to maintain all of his limbs; there is no prosthetic device that might confuse our concerns. Stay focused on the issues, young people, and learn they must be compartmentalized and packaged in 30-second segments or 3-paragraph posts!

Leaving the rich fields of Fox television, my last impressions are of three rich colors, the bright, deep reds and blues surrounding nature's lush greens. What is more alive? The grass and the trees or our internet and TV?


Eric said...

At the end of the video the reporter mentions that Obama is trying to help people with their mortgages. She then says the nice white homeless man says that what he really needs is a job. No doubt true, and which socialist, Muslim, baby-killer President is to blame? The 10% unemployment mark always makes the party out of power happy, and we're approaching that. If only we had, say, eight fingers on each hand, the administration would have a little more breathing space...

Lindellica said...

Why are they drinking bottled water? I'm not usually one to decry it, but can't they find a campground with potable water?

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