Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ten Reasons for Toussaint's TV

Ten reasons to thrust Television in front of your nose:

1) In your adult years, you have felt like a fern trapped inside a refrigerator.

2) "Man Against A Ledge" best describes your morning disposition.

3) In these years of heightened euro purchasing power, you cannot afford Germany.

4) The Hasidim of Antwerp have aroused your intellect although they do not appear in Toussaint's novel.

5) You've quit watching television, but you cheat.

6) You've seen wider and wider screens in your 'hood, and although the Dalkey Archive paperback is lightweight and lean, you have been practicing your fastball and imagining "book through window" type escapades. A chuck and run?

7) You do not condone violence, and in fact, you prefer to read a good book.

8) You stand in solidarity with all sandwiches, no matter the nature or weight of haunches destined to smash them.

9) You procrastinate.

10) In your fantasy life, you fly too close to the glass.

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