Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The follow up visitation

47 minutes into our meeting, the aforementioned one between the doctor and K, we saw fit to assume the condition is most likely a case of carpal tunnel syndrome. If the condition were meat no doubt we could imagine flesh cooked medium rare in a mild sauce which we might top with a thin layer of that tasty delicacy, generalized anxiety.

But for now: "Blood Work. A stress test including EKG. Avoid all strenuous forms of existence. Exercise can kill. Participation in life discouraged until further notice. I have my liability and your life in mind."

When I insinuate we are glazed, I imply we are glazed over the ham of course.

"The best way to enjoy the shakes is to pretend it's someone else's hand."
--Don Delillo, either a paraphrase or exact quotation from White Noise

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